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Case Study

SAP HCM - Workday Integration

Connect SAP HCM to Workday. Standardizing HR processes.

Read here how a SAP HCM Workday integration can succeed.

Initial situation

A large company with offices in many countries around the world needed to implement the cloud-based HR software Workday.

With the very simplified, less differentiated processes for personnel data management, problems arose.

The German labor law requirements in HR could not be mapped in Workday.

Consequently, Workday was used for employee data. But payroll and time recording remained in SAP HCM.



A solution was needed for an interface for data replication between Workday as the leading HCM system and the existing SAP landscape.


By using the web service-based Workday API, the j&s-soft project team was able to work closely with the customer’s HR IT department to implement data replication between the SAP HCM system and Workday.

Process-based data changes in Workday can be queried and transferred to the SAP system, where they can be

persist them there and trigger the follow-up processes. All employee data resides in Workday, while payroll and timekeeping continue to be managed in SAP.

In addition, data that Workday does not propagate as events can be replicated from Workday to SAP through a data-driven delta match.

As a bidirectional interface, certain data can also be replicated to Workday. The data transfer from SAP to Workday is triggered by infotype changes or custom ABAP reports.


Benefits for the enterprise

  • User-friendly: The user-friendly interface corresponds to a “one system feeling”.
  • Time-efficient: The process-driven design automates the business workflow.
  • Low-error: Through context-dependent data processing, SAP infotypes can be maintained by Workday in an error-avoiding manner.
  • Fit for the future: Because the framework can be customized and easily adapted, it is also ready for further developments in Workday and SAP HCM.

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