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SAP Consulting

Our consultancy services support you from business model innovation to the technical implementation with SAP technology.

Our approach to consultancy

We are SAP technology experts focusing on digital transformation. Our approach to consulting is agile, transparent and always collaborative. We allow you to benefit from our expertise and guide you towards innovative solutions. Our consultants are experienced specialists who are creative and passionate about what they do.


Our workshops provide a framework for our discussions with you. We offer advice on topics ranging from your business model to business model innovation. Based on the business model, we use our Digital Enabler method to develop a digital blueprint.

Our work culminates in a futureproof software architecture that puts you in the perfect position to deal with the digital challenges of our era.

Business Model Innovation workshop

Never change a winning team – this saying may be true in the world of sport, but when it comes to the world of business, it can be misleading. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, it is vital to keep evaluating and adapting your business model, keeping a long-term view in mind.

In this workshop, we identify, discuss and formulate your company’s key vision.

It is designed to inspire colleagues, clients and partners to buy into the success of the business model transformation process. The transformation takes place in line with the T2V method (Transform2Value): the vision stands at the centre, and a culture that is focused on the vision is fostered. After the workshop, you are left with a unique blueprint for the business model innovation for your company.

Digital Enablement workshop

Based on the results of the Business Model Innovation workshop, we draw up a draft for your company’s digital strategy.

We use the ambitions from the digital vision to come up with concrete goals, which in turn form the foundation for future processes. We then compare the process requirements that we have identified with the opportunities provided by SAP technology to create a blueprint for your company’s digital strategy.

One of the great benefits of this exercise is the out-of-the-box thinking it inspires, thanks to our perspective as an outsider looking in. The great complexity of digital structures requires a high degree of specialist knowledge and connections within the industry in order to weigh up and evaluate the different products correctly. Our zoomed-out perspective makes it easier for us to gain a real overview, while our specialist expertise puts us in the perfect position to optimise the underlying structures.

Consultancy on system architecture

A solid digital strategy is an essential tool for innovative, dynamic companies during times of great innovation that shows no signs of slowing down. And a company’s IT architecture must support the chosen strategy in a smart way that is strictly focused on the user.

The key enablers of digital transformation play a vital role in a futureproof architecture. Here we are talking about things like the cloud, in-memory, big data and predictive analytics.

Designing a modern and efficient architecture to suit the digital strategy

Strategic SAP architecture planning, including for hybrid infrastructures

Agile working, incorporating all stakeholders

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