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Are you looking for a solution for data-secure, GDPR-compliant communication? We have it.

Secure data exchange – no more and no less.

enmeshed has been developed by j&s-soft for the secure end-to-end encryption of data sharing. Now available as open-source software, enmeshed represents a simple, tamper-proof solution that can be easily integrated across all sectors. Universities are currently working on the secure sharing of certificates via enmeshed. Legally compliant online business dealings can also be achieved with the tool. enmeshed facilitates a new security standard for SAP HCM processes. Existing processes can be optimised and analogue steps can be digitalised in a way that meets the requirements of GDPR.
With enmeshed, private users can create a wallet containing their personal data, which can be shared directly as self-determined identities with companies and institutions.


This guarantees secure data during communication through all stages of the interaction:


  • Application (sharing school/degree certificates)
  • Onboarding (personal data)
  • Administration (wage slips)Alumni (secure, authorised communication)

More about enmeshed:

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