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Case Study

SAP HCM and tariff-based vacation pay

Manage vacation pay in SAP HCM-PY in a uniform manner.

Read here how standardized maintenance of vacation pay across all pay scales in SAP HCM Payroll saves resources and minimizes errors.

Initial Situation

A j&s-soft customer operating across Europe and working with SAP HCM environments set up in different ways needed help organizing vacation pay: Different collective agreements and areas in the companies made the calculation complicated and labor-intensive. In addition, there were special cases, e.g. employees with changing personnel numbers or the takeover of companies and their employees with existing regulations.


Standardized procedure for all systems with easy maintainability in the future, random error checks and easily comprehensible calculations.


For the SAP HCM environment, the project team at j&s-soft Heidelberg developed a program that can merge all cases using clever customizing tables and standard logic. To do this, the standard logic is sensibly divided into calculation steps so that individual adjustments can be made.

Customizing tables offer the possibility to store special features for the different cases. Thus, partial changes (e.g. new collective agreements) are possible and provided for without disturbing the overall concept. The calculation takes place twice a year and is supplemented by a monthly correction run.

A checklist in SAP and as an Excel export is available for the accounting department after each calculation run, which enables any errors to be identified particularly quickly. The same applies to a calculation log after billing, which ensures good traceability of all calculation details.

Benefits for the company

  • Full solution: The complete solution covers 99 percent of possible cases.
  • Time-efficient: The automated, cross-system solution saves the department a lot of time.
  • Low error rate: Error detection and correction are particularly simple.
  • Fit for the future: The program is designed for the future and allows detailed changes with little effort via the customizing lists.

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