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Camunda and SAP – connected

Connect Camunda Platform

TL;DR: Use our SAP-Camunda connectors to manage data in your SAP system from Camunda and enable your specialist departments to create apps on BTP by modelling processes in Camunda.

At last there is a simple Camunda connection to the SAP system that functions as a real extension.

The two connectors are

  • the “small” connector, the SAP S/4 Connector, providing access to SAP systems from within you BPMN model. It is also part of …
  • the “big” connector, the SAP Automation Platform, which augments Camunda processes with business logic runtime on BTP.

The advantages of the connectors

  • Available in two variations catering to your requirements
  • Simpler than SAP Build Process Automation
  • Transparent license model
  • Secure connection via the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)

We developed the connectors for a use case at one of our customers (more here). Now we are making them available via the Camunda Marketplace for all SAP and Camunda users who want to enable their specialist departments to model their automated processes in a simple, efficient and self-determined way.

Let’s take a closer look at the connectors:

The “small” SAP S/4 Connector: Access to SAP data in automated business processes

The SAP S/4 Connector enables access to master and transaction data from SAP systems within the Camunda environment. The data is seamlessly integrated into BPMN process models and DMN decisions. This supports automation and enables well-founded decision-making processes.

SAP und Camunda verbinden

What does it offer in concrete terms?

The SAP S/4 Connector enables access to the data in the SAP systems. You can read, write and update via the OData services available on the SAP system.

Secure through BTP

Secure data transfer, authentication and authorization is provided by SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). By using the technical capabilities of BTP, the communication with your SAP system remains in your standard SAP environment.

The “big” SAP Automation Platform: Camunda as a low-code SAP application platform

Develop your own software as automated workflows for business processes: this is possible with the SAP Automation Platform. By modelling your processes in Camunda and executing them on SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), the “SAP Automation Platform” allows to crate workflows that can efficiently replace a manual process.

Connect Camunda and SAP

What does it offer specifically?

With the platform, citizen developers with BPMN and DMN skills are able to create automated workflows quickly and easily. They’re using their modelling skills to describe the functionality and User Interfaces without having to write code. The models can subsequently be execute on BTP with an auto-generated Fiori UI and all functionality and integrations BTP provides. This allows processes to be automated at low cost, which standard solutions such as Build Process Automation do not offer.

Experts design their own processes

Eliminate long consulting phases, misunderstandings in requirements between the specialist department and IT, expensive development times by using the “SAP Automation Platform”. The specialist departments model their processes themselves – and adapt them at any time if workflows change. The accompanying BTP runtime reflects the changes instantly without having to redeploy code or applications.

Access to all relevant data

Access to SAP S/4 and R/3 business data in processes is possible with the SAP Automation Platform. Display order numbers via search help, create new PSP elements based on information from BPMN-based processes: Almost everything can be mapped with the SAP Automation Platform. This includes calling up and changing master and transaction data, forms via the search helps and information via script tasks.

With BPMN and DMN, powered by SAP BTP

Modeling processes and decisions via BPMN and DMN: The applications can be easily and logically structured via BPMN and DMN. User interface generation, business logic and all aspects of authentication and authorization are taken care of by the SAP BTP technology stack.

Process mining with Camunda

Insights and analysis of processes: The traceability of processes in Camunda makes it easy to perform meaningful analyses. The process documentation is already available through the representation via BPMN and DMN.

Completely based on SAP standards

Built with the latest best practices of SAP application frameworks:

  • SAPUI5 for accessible Fiori web UIs
  • Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP) for robust and powerful business logic
  • Business Technology Platform (BTP) to integrate and connect moving parts

Is this exactly the solution you need?

Visit the Camunda Marketplace. If you have any questions, please email us. We will forward your questions to our SAP Camunda experts.