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Recordings of re>≡CAP 2023

Volker Buzek bei der reCAP 2023

Here you find the recordings of the developer conference all around the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP). There are three tracks (one main track in the Audimax), and two side tracks:

  • All presentations that took place in the Audimax can be found here.
  • We have compiled the no less interesting two side tracks for you on this site.

Side-Track 1

Marianna Naboka und Tim Back: BAS: Productivity boost CAP & UI development

Maximilian Hartig: Improve your workflow w/ cust. annotations

Adrian Ngo und Alexander Hangl: Digital Services w/ CAP & Fiori Elements

Maximilian Hartig: Join the hype: CAP & ChatGPT

Johannes Vogel und Marcel Schwarz: Plugg. Express Middlewares & GraphQL

David Kunz: A Leaner Approach To Draft

Christoph Morgen und Frank Gottfried: Data Science handshake with CAP developer building an intelligent data app

Dries Van Vaerenbergh, Gert Mertens, Wouter Lemaire: CAP Advanced Programming model

Christian Georgi und René Jeglinsky: What’s new in Capire – Docu Revamped

Alper Dedeoglu und Martin Frick: Using CAP to develop multitenant SaaS applications on SAP BTP

Marius Bertsch und Niklas Ullrich: Real-Life SaaS with SAP CAP?

Jonathan Bregler: Unleashing the power of SAP HANA Cloud in CAP applications

Side-Track 2

Richard Lindner: cap-js-community: mtx-tool & feature-toggles

Adrian Görler und Matthias Schur: Upserts for mass and delta uploads

Marc Becker: Running Java Apps as Native Executables

Robin de Silva Jayasinghe: Optimize cap2cap communication with HCQL

Wolfgang Koch und Marten Schiwek: Data Privacy Integration in CAP

Johannes Vogel und Patrice Bender: Node.js: New DB layer incl. PostgreSQL

Marika Marszalkowski und Matthias Kuhr: SAP Cloud SDK: How it enables Service Consumption in a CAP App

Marten Schiwek und Wolfgang Koch: Monitoring & Tracing via Open Telemetry

Jan Müller und Marcel Schork: A modern dev. work-flow for SAP Cloud Integration with CAP & Azure

Nick Josipovic: Change Tracking with CAP

Vladislav Leonkev: BDD with Cucumber