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Recordings of reCAP online 2020

TL;DR: Watch the records of the “reCAP (un)conference on the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model”, hosted on 15th of May 2020.

In May 2020, j&s-soft GmbH made it happen: We hosted the “reCAP (un)conference on the SAP Cloud Application Programming
Model” establishing the link between the CAP-Community and the CAP Dev-Team! We were blessed with state of the art information and hands-on coding
sessions by great lecturers including Daniel Hutzel, the CAP-inventor himself.
We are quite sorry if you missed it – but don’t worry. Today, we want to share the recordings with you so you can catch up! 🙂


Welcome words by Volker Buzek and kicking off the event.

1st Session: DJ Adams opens the show

DJ Adams is opening up the show,  rightfully praising CAP and Daniel.

2nd Session: CAPdate

Keynote – by Daniel Hutzel, showing where CAP is heading and what to expect. 

Including an extra sneak preview by Sebastian van Syckel for custom persistence adapters in CAP!

3rd Session: Service Consumption, Messaging and Eventing

David Kunz demonstrating messaging, eventing and consumpting an external (OData) service.

4th Session: Simplify Development of your Fiori Apps with SAP Fiori elements and SAP Fiori tools

Mariana Naboka and Marcel Wächter providing hands-on with the new Fiori tools VS Code-/Business Application Studio-Plugin.

5th Session: The new modularized CAP Java

An in-depth look and coding examples for CAP Java by Marc Becker and Adrian Görler.

6th Session: One query language to rule them all

The fluent API of CAP as demoed by Vitaly Kozyura (for Node.js) and Matthias Schur (for Java).


Wrapping up the event and outlook for a reCAP on-site by Volker Buzek.