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Legal Disclosure

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Service Provider

j&s-soft GmbH, Max-Jarecki-Straße 21, 69115 Heidelberg

Court of Registration

Amtsgericht Mannheim HRB Nr-337601, VAT ID Nr.: DE229831469

Managing Director

Dirk Jennerjahn

Responsible Contact

Dirk Jennerjahn, Max-Jarecki-Straße 21, 69115 Heidelberg

E-mail | Phone | +49 (6221) 43121-0

This website aims to provide information about SAP-Software development offered by j&s-soft GmbH.


Dirk Jennerjahn (postal address given above) is responsible for all journalistic and editorial content.

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You are specifically allowed to use a private copy for personal use. However, you are not allowed to alter and/or spread any material, let alone publish or republish it. Unless communicated otherwise, all copyright for the texts published belongs to Dirk Jennerjahn. The copyright for images used partially belongs to Dirk Jennerjahn.

Data Protection & Data Protection Officer

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Infringement of protective rights

Should you suspect that this website violates any of your intellectual property rights, please immediately communicate your issue to in order to address the claim and find a solution. Please note that the time-consuming process of engaging a lawyer does not correspond to its real or presumed will. Reports about errors and suggestions for improvement are welcome at any time.

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