No hither without thither

With j&s Enterprise Documents® your users create Word documents and return the files to the SAP system via email or upload. There they can either be booked directly or start an approval workflow for instance.


Creation of modern OOXML Word Documents (incl. Microsoft WORD 2013) from an SAP-system
Easy customizing to adapt data requirements to business processes
Data collection can be adapted to the requesting application using the client-specific implementation of an appropriate feeder
Thanks to the feeder concept various data forms are usable as part of the client's development
Creation of document masters in Microsoft Word using j&s Enterprise Documents® Add-In
Extensive and flexible categorization for organizing document masters
Generation of Documents is not only possible unidirectionally. j&s Enterprise Documents® allows interactive documents that allow data to be entered and returned via placeholders (content controls)
Easy creation of templates (Document masters) without any kind of programming knowledge

Technical requirements

Technical requirements for j&s Enterprise Documents® are minimal.

The j&s Enterprise Documents® frontend is a Microsoft Word (since 2010) add-in. All you need is a Microsoft Office installation.

The j&s Enterprise Documents® backend runs on any SAP-System with NetWeaver-Basis (ABAP Stack). j&s Enterprise Documents® works with all systems of the SAP Business Suite.

The (optional) mobile component runs on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. All current mobile devices are supported.

j&s Enterprise Documents® does not require its own server or NetWeaver Java-Stack.

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