Workshop Business Model Innovation

Never change a winning team – while this might be true in sports it surely is ill-adviced in a competitive business world.

To prevent falling into unwanted dependencies from competitors, continuous critical assessment of the current business model is indispensable for the long term.

In this workshop, we identify, deliberate and formulate the guiding vision of your business.

This vision inspires employees, clients, and partners to work towards the success of transforming your business model. This transformation is implemented using the T2V-method (Transform 2 Value): The vision as a center point facilitates a vision-oriented and innovation-friendly culture. This workshop will give you a custom blueprint for innovation and re-imagination of our business model.

Quantum leap of competitiveness
Convince team, clients, and partners for your vision
Workshop Digital Enablement

Based on the outcome of the business innovation workshop we will draft a bespoke digital strategy for your business.

We extract tangible subgoals from of the overarching aspirations of your digital vision. These form the basis for new processes. A combination of the process requirements and the capabilities of SAP technologies will determine the blueprint for the digital strategy of your business.

As your external partner, we bring a fresh perspective to the table. The high complexity of digital structures requires in-depth knowledge and an industry network in order to evaluate products correctly. By looking at the big picture first, we gain a holistic understanding of you and our needs and are able to pinpoint our expertise to the optimization of underlying structures.

Value creation form digital transformation
Future oriented digital strategy
Purposeful utilization of SAP-technologies and innovation potentials

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